Perfecting Roasted Chicken

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I have been in search of the perfect Roasted Chicken for what seems like FOREVER! I have experimented, researched and tweaked many recipes over the years.  While not obtaining the consistency of a juicy, tender and crispy skinned chicken every … Continued

School’s Out!!

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This is the time of year when I don’t know who is more excited for the Lazy Days of Summer; my kid or me!  What I do know is that by now, I’m a little burned out from the daily … Continued

Traveling the Distance to Success

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What does it take to achieve success? Is there a secret formula or does it just take guts and a whole lot of tenacity?  Ask any successful person and I think they might agree that they just outlast the others. … Continued

Time Well Spent with Mom

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My mom is 85 years old.  She is full of life and she Thrives!   She is fortunate to have her family around all the time. Whether here in San Diego or in Upstate New York, she is surrounded by … Continued

💖St. Valentine’s Day💖

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Celebrating Love and Romance always stirs my heart and puts a smile on my face. Love in all its many forms, though in many ways intangible, is always under pursuit by us.  We want to know what 💖LOVE 💖IS‼ I … Continued

Attracting All the Luck in 2018

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Aside from setting an Intention and making Resolutions, I like to pack the beginning of the New Year with all the Good Luck I can! And that comes in the form of   Black Eyed Peas, Ham Hocks and Collards … Continued