A Spring in My Step and a Sway of the Hips

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My Inspirations for putting Spring in my step:





I feel the Winter has passed.


Everything is beginning to Expand again.  I find myself inhaling a little deeper and there are faint whispers of awakening throughout the gardens.  While walking around the Village of La Jolla, there are scents of the sweet Pacific Ocean and a warm saltiness gently clings in the air.  Looking up and outward, this is the moment of slumber no more, but a time of rebirth.
I am ready to receive the Gifts of Spring.
My Brown Turkey Fig Tree


The budding of Spring’s first green is painted with Gold.  Can you see the hues?   My Fig Tree is one of the first things that brings Spring to my garden.  And watching these Figs grow is one of life’s lessons in patience, nurturing and kindness.


With the arrival of Spring also comes its quirky energy!  Bursting forth from deep slumber, this energy is full of unexpected joy and happiness.  Humming Birds are flying into my house, fish are jumping out of tanks and new and old friends are getting in touch.  Literally!!!
We all just want to connect!


How many of us can pinpoint what puts that little extra “something” in our step?  That little extra sashay in our hips?   Is it the change of the Season or the time change?  Does the air smell different or do the shadows begin to disappear?  Or does it come from the unexpected clarity of mind resulting in new windows finally opening?  Whatever those stimuli are, they are working over time for me right now.
I’m feeling Sassy, energetic and playful!  And I’ve been waiting for what seems like AGES to feel all of these things.


 “Those who do not have the Power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change, truly are powerless, because THEY CANNOT THINK NEW THOUGHTS.”
~Salman Rushdie
  I wonder if we really ever stop to ask ourselves if we are blossoming from the experiences and events that shape our lives.  Or do we fall into the old habits of our thoughts and stay there?  I am consciously adding a deeper level of awareness to how I am feeling and reacting to the life around me.  Something is breaking wide open for me and I’m in AWE of its intensity from within!  Is it possible to actually feel your heart space break open?  I cannot stretch mine open fast enough to accommodate this feeling of expansion!




When the days begin to lengthen and the birds are singing loudly heralding the rising sun, we must take pause to feel the awakened moment.  What is filling your heart up this Spring?
 I have an old friend from my high school days.  We shared an 8th grade English class.  I like to think the teacher that year, Mrs. Stone, is responsible for much of my love for writing.  I think perhaps, my friend Bob Iwaniec, might agree.  So I’m going to share an amazing poem from Bob:


Anything can happen


Can happen



We see it
All the time



 Out of an infinite number
Of possibilities


 One jumps out


And calls itself
Bob Iwaniec can be found on Facebook where you will discover a daily dose of good positive thoughts!



La Zingara is an Italian Gypsy Woman, one whose Spirit yearns for a connectedness to the World around Her!  That’s me!!!






6 Responses


    “What is filling my heart up this SPRING?”
    Well, for STARTERS I will SEE YOU and get to spend some quality time with you!The GARDEN is BURSTING and that makes me VERY HAPPY!Everything is GREEN GREEN GREEN………………we just had a HAIL STORM this AM!!!!!
    Packages arriving from THAT CHATEAU!!!!!!
    A call from the SONS!!!!!
    A PIGGY Named BANKSY At my FEET!
    Cleaning and ORGANIZING MY STUFF…………….
    I cannot wait for warm nights…………..and dining OUTSIDE!
    I SPY A FIG ON YOUT TREE!Who gets to EAT the FIRST ONE?!

    • 93zingara

      That first Fig is mine! Unless of course, you are in town and then I will share! I’m just thankful for everything I have! XOXO

  2. Sandra Sallin -Apart From My Art

    Oh, I love the diference in the quality of light. It makes me so happy. Happy to also put my crutches away. Happy to be planting a perennial meadow garden all around our home. I can’t wait to see it grow. I’ll post all about it after it grows up a little bit. I’ve also taken to a new mantra. i keep my hand open for all new things to fall into it. New experiences, new people. By the way, I love your photos and your writing. Excellent.

    • 93zingara

      There is something definitely new about the light at this time of year. It is filled with so much promise. I love your mantra about keeping your hand open to new Things! Brilliant! I’m happy to know you are well and out and about!

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