Always Bring the Best You to the Party

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 I always pull out my best and most serene smile, and I carry on.
 I choose to think Happy.
To be Happy.
 Anything else would mean I’ve settled for less.
I won’t settle for less, EVER!



I think waiting is the most difficult thing for me these days.  Who am I kidding?  It has always been the most difficult thing for me!  Waiting for what?  Another perfect day?
Today seems pretty good to me.
Waiting for more time, better health, more money, what?
Let me just get on with today and make the most I can with what I have.
Some days take me a little longer to get motivated.
And other mornings, I am the one racing to the Cross near my home to beat the rising Sun.
Either way it rolls out, I’m in charge of my thoughts and my actions.


We all have a tale to tell.  It is the story of our hearts that another may be able to relate to, but ultimately it belongs only to us.  This story has the ability to make or break us.  Or, it can just put us in the mediocre pile of life for a while.
 I have never thought of myself as mediocre.  I always believed I was MORE.
That is why I always choose to tend my own garden as lovingly as I can while still maintaining the strength to ascertain what is in need of pruning.
A garden is always a good metaphor for life!



So whether I have to regroup and switch directions, or just acknowledge that my original plan didn’t have the power to see things through to a satisfactory end, it is in the journey that Life Is Happening.
 I do hope that we are all paying Life the attention it so deserves.
I came across a very poignant idea this morning; it has stayed with me.
 ~Sometimes we waste our lives waiting to be able to live it~
What are you doing to live your life?
At this moment of my life I am concentrating on writing my cookbook. This project has opened so many new windows and doors for me.  The timing couldn’t be better.
It is exactly the freshness I need right now, for me.




The slow pace of life that this summer has brought to my home has encouraged relaxation and the gathering of beautiful family and friends.  It has even brought along quite a bit of humor!  I find that laughter always dispels doubts.
Hope is always much more Fierce a warrior than fear.
As I touch the lives of others, I am acutely aware of my thoughts and words becoming my actions.  What kind of impression am I leaving behind?  Can I genuinely give more love than I receive and go beyond the limitations of my own perceived insecurities?
 I hope so.



When the time comes to gather up my family and friends around me, I do so with my arms spread wide and my heart space open.  I choose to be the best version of me.  I am not always right, I am not always efficient in getting things done, but I am always conscious of bringing the best Me to the Party.
For me, this alone lays the groundwork for others to feel confident doing the same.
 Spread the Love and watch the Garden Bloom.


While this is a throwback to a few summers ago, it is the quintessential photo that captured a serene moment of bliss for my son and me.  I often look upon this picture and am reminded always of the enormity of Energy and Spirit, which is a constant around all of us.
To be One.


La Zingara is an Italian Gypsy Woman, one whose Spirit yearns for a connectedness to the World around Her!  That’s Me!!!



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  1. Juliet

    Diana – Beautifully expressed, as always. I’m inspired by you and your words. I’m fortunate to have a lovely day ahead to think, reflect and plan … your words will be at the forefront of my mind as I do so. Wishing you the most wonderful weekend! xo

    • 93zingara

      My son and I had a date today at IKEA and then a Thai lunch. It is time well spent like this that redirects my energies so positively. I’m sending you all the best wishes for a beautiful weekend! Thank you for spending a little time here with me.


    I would say 90% of the population is doing JUST THIS!
    ~Sometimes we waste our lives waiting to be able to live it~
    Like you I am slowing down too and cannot DO ALL THAT I WANT TO DO IN A DAY!The good thing is I can ENJOY the GARDEN MORE!I do sit out there A LOT!!!!!!
    WE have built a BEAUTIFUL enclave around us and YOU HAVE THE CHATEAU GALS!!!!!!!!

    • 93zingara

      I’m systematically removing the excess stuff from my environment and my thoughts. There is so much time spent running to keep up that at times I have forgotten what I’m trying to keep up with! When we get down to it, time in the garden is priceless. It nurtures and soothes like no other balm! I’m sending you the very best wishes for an amazing weekend, Contessa!

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