Attracting All the Luck in 2018

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Aside from setting an Intention and making Resolutions,
I like to pack the beginning of the New Year with all the Good Luck I can!
And that comes in the form of


Black Eyed Peas, Ham Hocks and Collards


Black Eyed Peas, Ham Hocks and Collards with Jalepeno and Cheddar Cornbread
Ingredient List:

1lb. Dried black eyed peas ( soaked over night in water)

1 large or 2 small ham hocks

1/2 large onion studded with 3 cloves

6 cups water


2 bunches collard greens, washed, destemmed and cut into 1 inch ribbons

1/2 large onion diced large

1 Leek, cleaned and sliced thin

3 cloves of garlic, sliced thin

1/4 tsp Allspice

Sea Salt

Black Pepper, freshly ground

Cayenne Pepper

Olive Oil

2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

Hot Sauce



In a heavy bottomed 7-8 quart pot (I use a 7 quart Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron pot) place the Ham Hock, 1/2 onion with cloves and soaked Black Eyed Peas.  Cover with water, add Allspice and bring to a slow boil.  Skim.  Turn heat to low, cover and simmer for 1 1/2 hours.  Add a little Salt and Pepper to taste.  Take off the heat and let sit, covered.


Using a large skillet, add 3-4 Tblsp Olive Oil.  On medium low heat, sauté diced onions and leeks until soft.  Add garlic and sauté for a few minutes more.  Add Salt, Pepper and Cayenne to taste.  Finally, add Collards, combine and sauté until wilted.


In the meanwhile, take all the Ham off the bones and break into chunks, placing on a plate.  With a large slotted ladle, take the Black Eyed Peas from the liquid and add to skillet.  Add the Ham as well.  Add 3 large ladles of liquid to skillet (+\_ 1-1 1\2 cups).  Simmer for 20 minutes, adjust seasonings with salt, pepper, hot sauce, and Apple Cider Vinegar.  Turn off the heat and let sit until ready to serve.  The flavors develop over time making it even more delicious later in the day or the next day.


When it comes to the ingredients I use, I look for the freshest possible and organic.  My husband always laughs at this organic craze, as he calls it, asking the poignant question, “why are we paying more for what should have been available to us all along?”.  For the Ham Hocks, I am so fortunate to be within a short distance from an Old World German butcher.
At Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad, California they smoke their own Hams, Sausages and of course, Ham Hocks.


JennaferGrace Headband, Sofistafunk Silk Scarf, Earrings gifted from @antiquegoddess
If it is Good Luck we are After, I say let’s CREATE IT!!!
Focusing on the Potentialities of the Life seems much more effective a tool rather than focusing too much on the Pitfalls.
Never was this so true for me, as I sit here writing with the flu.
It seems this Flu has affected ever so many this year.
I could feel this Blooming last Friday, as I was talking to a friend.  One minute I had just a small headache, which I never get, and the next I was chilled with a fever and very itchy and watery eyes.
 Let me know your thoughts about Flu Shots!
Yea or Nay

It’s My Turn!!!


My Family January 2018


Instead, I will focus on the previous weekend when we were all feeling Well.  Living in SoCal rarely affords us the chance of snow.  So, we have become adept at chasing the Weather.  A Day Trip to Julian, California through Mt. Laguna provided us with much laughter and SNOW!!!  We headed straight out Route 8 and took the Sunrise Highway.  This is a Beautiful Scenic Highway through the Cleveland National Park.  Along the way I spied many fallen Pine Cones.  It has been a thought of mine for sometime to make a Pine Cone Wreath.  I was driving during the first part of the trip, so that meant I could stop as often as necessary to collect those Pine Cones to my heart’s content.
 Does anyone else have a husband who doesn’t stop Along the way?
 All I can say is that my Dad was the exact same way!


That’s why I Always Drive for Part of the Trip!!!


 We did find enough good packing Snow for Snowballs and Sledding!  After all, that was the Main Mission.  Ok.  I realize that this is not a Major Snow Fall, but for a Day Trip from Sea to Mountain in So Cal, it was Exhilarating!
As we headed further North towards Julian, we stopped one more time to pick up some very interesting branches.  I have a vision for some exterior Wall Art come Spring.
Let’s see what I come up with!






Jacket from Le Bel Age Boutique, Boots Cherry Red Patent Dr. Martens


This outfit was perfect for the colder temperatures we experienced throughout the day.  I was all layered up in tights and a synthetic winter tee with a flannel Anna Sui top with big bell ruffled sleeves popping out!
It was a fun, playful look, and perfect for the Day’s Adventures!  We stopped for a light lunch because our main focus was on Dessert!

Julian Apple Pie with Ice Cream and Hot Coffees to Go




We chased the Snow, Gathered found things along the way and got outdoors to enjoy the best of what Life is all about. A day like this with the ones you love is a potent recipe for Memory Making and a little Good Luck, too!



La Zingara is an Italian Gypsy Woman, one whose Spirit yearns for a Connectedness to the World around Her!  That’s Me!!!

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  1. Juliet Russell

    What a delicious pot of beans! Filing recipe away for New Year’s Day 2019. My husband is loathe to make road trip stops as well. When I announce a pit stop is needed, he nods and keeps going. Thirty minutes later I mention pit stop again. NOW, he asks … YES, NOW! I’m all for flu shots. Avoided them until I got a very, very bad flu. Still get a bug here and there, but never as bad as the pre-shot flu. Haven’t experienced side effects. Feel better safe than sorry. Cheers!

    • 93zingara

      I have made these for years now. This is the refined recipe for certain! I have never taken the Flu shot and this is the 1st year I have questioned my decision. I have introduced Essential Oils into my remedy for this Flu. They seem to be helping, but I’ve got to get moving! So much to do!
      Men….why don’t they like to STOP? I think they like to just get to the final destination. I just like the process of getting there!

  2. Sandra Sallin-Apart From My Art

    What a fun way to start the New Year. Wish I could help you start the New Year with that meal. Flu? I’ve had it for the past two weeks. I also had a sinus infection. Flu shots? i’ll keep on getting them. They didn’t work this year but i will still get them. I was so sick. I really felt like a truck had hit me. I don’t want that again.

    Oh, and I love your outfit. You’ve got it together Zingara!

    • 93zingara

      Wouldn’t it be Fun to share a New Year’s Day Meal! There is an old Italian Proverb that says “Il Natale è per La Famiglia e Gli Anni Nouvi sono per gli Amici.” (Family for Christmas and Friends for New Year’s) Sounds Good to Me!!
      I’ve never had the Flu shot and this year had me wondering if it might have helped. This Flu is Nasty business. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I’m glad to know you are on the mend. Go slow and Easy.


    Those earrings LOOK SO GOOD ON YOU!
    I am definitely making THIS!I have been looking at HAM HOCKS for days NOW……………thinking what can I make with those!THANK YOU!
    Julian……..I had a boyfriend who was working on a house there way back in 1977!I shown up at the construction site in my CHARLES JOURDAN knee high boots he had gifted me for CHRISTMAS that year!!!!!!!!!I DO RECALL is was an APPLE CAPITOL!
    MEND and be WELL………….WE have NO TIME for this STUFF…….WE WOMEN HAVE THINGS TO DO!

    • 93zingara

      I posted this Recipe for YOU!!! This is the Best version I’ve come up with through the Years. Saved you A Lot of time figuring out THE perfect recipe!!
      IVE NEVER HAD A flu shot, but this year I’m wondering….(you know those meds for the RA compromise my immune system) I’m just wondering if this had something to do with me getting sick. I’m not impressed with myself at the moment!!!
      Those EARRINGS are the BOMB!!! They are so easy and Comfortable to wear! Brilliant choice on your part!
      Love the Visual of Knee High Boots on a Construction site! Obviously,no work got done that Day!
      Baci Contessa! XOXO

  4. Sandra Sallin-Apart From My Art

    This is funny. I commented on your blog and then went out and wrote a post about my flu. I’ve got some fun shows to watch on TV while you are getting better. Bob is down with the flu now but is feeling better because he also got an antibiotic for what I guess was a sinus infection. I had that on top of my flu also. Get checked by your doctor.

    • 93zingara

      I did go to the doctor and luckily, no sinus infection for me. I’m feeling so much better this week than last. Your top picks for shows is a Great List! Thank you for sharing!!! I’m on my way back to your post to comment!

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