Life Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Wonderful

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I am focusing more and more these days on what it truly means to embrace what is.  Rather, it becomes about realizing that beauty exists in every circumstance.

A quick trip to the desert in Indian Wells last week proved to be a moment by moment flow of good energy.  We arrived in time for a great afternoon of poolside fun and relaxation.  While my son found a new group of kids to hangout with, I was able to book a little time just for me at the Well Spa at the Miramonte Resort.  I really was fortunate when the receptionist informed me that I was eligible for their happy hour pricing!

A wonderful 55 minute Swedish massage was just the ticket to kick off my desert get away.  The spa itself is a little gem.  There are many little quiet corners to retreat to and every staff member comes equipped with a friendly and welcoming smile.

Getting ready to step out for the evening was effortless after so much pampering and poolside activity.  After a little deliberation, we all agreed that Morton’s Steakhouse was the place for dinner.  How serendipitous was it that we had the exact same waiter from years ago when our son was small? And he remembered us! Thank you Elwood! Your tableside service was impeccable.


I must admit, it was really hot over there. The temperatures were over 110F! For some reason, this time that heat just felt really good.


I went out to the desert with no real agenda.  I just needed a change of scenery and some place  to relax for a couple of days with my family.  What I came home with was a new perspective that when I allow life to flow, I am the recipient of wonderful happenings.  And for this I am abundantly grateful!


La Zingara is an Italian Gypsy Woman, one who yearns for all connectedness to the World around her!  That’s me!!!

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  1. WELL< DONE!
    I adore the DESERT TOO…………would LOVE to POP down this FALL maybe we should make a women's GET AWAY WEEKEND?Something to CHAT about!


    • 93zingara

      I think a Girls’ Getaway Weekend is something we should definitely make happen. We are enjoying our summer. My mom arrives from New York on Wednesday and we have friends in town from Portugal and Denmark. It is like Old Home Week in my neighborhood right now. I love the vibe and the energy it is giving me!

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