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Stepping out of my comfort zone was a priority for me this past year.  It started with getting this blog of mine up and running.  I was drawn on so many levels to getting a Blog started.  I do consider this a work in progress, a journey if you will, and with a little luck, it will only get better and better.
Headband by JennaferGrace for Chateau Bel Age, Floral Tunic by FreePeople


I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am by the Wonderful people I have met through Blogging this past year.   I have been inspired by women who have demonstrated real artistry, kindness, and who have offered their talents and Hearts of Friendship so effortlessly.  I marvel at the abundance of creativity that has multiplied in my World over the last few months.  I am Indeed, Blessed.


Kimono by JennaferGrace for Chateau Bel Age
It all started with this Kimono.  These are incredibly Dramatic and Versatile wardrobe options.  They are designed by a very talented young, beautiful woman, right here in San Diego.  Jennafer Grace.  You will see that I wear a lot of her designs.  I’m a believer!
Contessa Pearls by Tamera Beardsley Designs


In the above Photo, I am wearing Contessa Pearls by Tamera Beardsley Designs.
This whole look took on a Special Life of its own.
It is truly Inspiring for me to follow such a Talented, Beautiful and Creative Blogger.  I was so thrilled to be able to wear such a Wonderful Creation and then, later in the the year, to actually have Tamera sitting at my table sharing laughter and a meal, well, Pinch me!!!
More on WHO these pearls were named after later on in this post!


FreePeople embroidered tunic, Zara Bell Bottoms, Hand Embroidered and Beaded Shawl from Chateau Bel Age


I went in search of my inner Gypsy this past year.  I felt as though she had gone way too quiet for too long.  Being a full time Wife and Mother meant that I had put aside a lot of who I am for the betterment of those around me.  I felt an Undeniable Pull  to bring that Young, free-Spirited Girl out from hiding!  And guess what?  I Found Her!  And Boy, was she ready to come out and shake things up a bit!


I wish you could see this shawl in person!  It is entirely handmade and has such a PERFECT weight and Balance!
I’m in love!
And it even looks AMAZING draped over the dining room Table!


Khaki Green Jacket from Le Bel Age, Embroidered Designs by me, Zingara
This was a Wonderful design project I took on.  With Appliqué and Embroidered patches Everywhere in Fashion these days, I wanted to see what I could come up with!  Many of these patches I purchased from Le Bel Age in Mission Hills, San Diego.  I believe this look came together in such a Special way.  I’ve enjoyed wearing this jacket numerous times, in numerous ways.  I’ve even gotten requests by family members to create for them!  Now you know what I’ll be doing on the upcoming rainy days during my SoCal Winter.


Another phenomenal Kimono by JennaferGrace for Chateau Bel Age
The minute I saw this Kimono by JennaferGrace at Chateau Bel Age, I just knew it was for ME!  There is just something about the Art Deco Peacock pattern here that spoke to me, and still does.  This is ALL ABOUT effortless dressing with stellar results.  Can you just imagine lounging by the fireplace, good book in hand, glass of wine waiting for you on a side table, looking and feeling, oh so Glam?  The very special and Talented Woman responsible for so much of my own personal wardrobe Inspiration is Valerie Lee Ferrari.  She is the Force behind two incredibly Amazing boutiques in Mission Hills, San Diego.  Le Bel Age and Chateau Bel Age.  When in San Diego, these are must see and do experiences!



Tamera Beardsley, Yours truly, Zingara, Valerie Lee Ferrari. Pants by Anna Sui for INC Macy’s
Making new friends and experiencing new things was certainly my Mantra last year.  While Valerie and I have been great friends for over a decade, it is through her sharing her World with so many that she has been able to bring so many of us together.
Here, we are all gathered at Chateau Bel Age for a Live Sketching Event.  The artist at play on this Day was Dennis Nothdruft from the London Fashion and Textile Museum!  To say I was absolutely pushing my boundaries to stand and model while he sketched me would be a direct UNDERSTATEMENT!!!
I can still feel how nervous I was on this occasion!
Live Sketching by Dennis Nothdruft
For me, this sketch is proof Positive that boundaries can be overcome and life can grow in the most serendipitous ways.  I’m actually looking forward to Dennis’ return and to be able to do this all over again someday soon!


La Contessa and La Zingara, both wearing Bryn Walker
And here is where those Contessa Pearls come into play again!  My family and I took a bit of a Summertime Road Trip.  While in San Francisco, I posted to Instagram a picture of the exterior of the Britex Fabric store.  Almost immediately, I received a request from this Beautiful Soul to
“Call her IMMEDIATELY “!
So I did!
And I made a Wonderful new Friend in Elizabeth.  She has an Amazing blog at
and I do look forward to many more laughs shared with her, that is, if she will ride shotgun in my FIAT500 again!


Blossom Crown by Zingara, Accessories from Chateau Bel Age, Kimono by JennaferGrace for Chateau Bel Age
I learned how to Crown myself this past year.
For me, that was realized by opening up the door to the Artistic, free-spirited Gypsy Woman that has always been a very big part of me.  Her wings are still gathering strength and speed, but I think she is going to bring a lot of excitement and joy into everything she touches this coming year!


Come Fly With Me Kimono by JennaferGrace for Chateau Bel Age


Come Fly With Me


So now when I end each of my posts with my description of La Zingara, you will have an idea of the Creativity, the Artists, the Women, and the World around me that I look to for Inspiration.  It can be anywhere, anytime!  I’m just remembering to stay OPEN to the Potentialities That Life Has for us ALL!



La Zingara is an Italian Gypsy Woman, one whose Spirit yearns for a connectedness to the World around Her!  That’s me!!!

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  1. Jennifer Lively

    I loved reading about you stepping out of your comfort zone and starting up a blog. You have great style and energy. I look reading many more of your posts as time goes on. Welcome to the blogging world!

    • 93zingara

      Thank you! I’m finding that it is very freeing to express!! Your kind words and thoughts mean the World! Thank you, thank you!


    YOU HAVE THOSE JEANS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU Now have a NEW JOB!When you see something that speaks to YOU YOU MUST PHOTO or BUY and PHOTOGRAPH and send to me IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!
    I wonder if VALERIE can still get some?Probably NOT!
    (SORRY went off on a TANGENT!)
    YOU live in a VERY INSPIRING PLACE!I am THRILLED I am ONE WHO INSPIRES YOU!I still do not GET what it is I DO but I like this BIG COMPLIMENT!THANK YOU!
    Your KIMONo’s are a smash……..and your headband is TERRIFIC!I was just talking about TAMERA today and how she says to CROWN one’s self!She is tHE MASTER of THE CROWNS………also the UP DO’s!!!
    SO here we are MILES APART but can SHARE and DISCUSS all sorts of wonderful things thru YOUR BLOG and OTHERS!
    DID I mention that Tamera is making the CONTESSA PEARLS in another color???
    I think she said GREY!!!!!!
    SO, HAPPY to have FOUND YOU!

    • 93zingara

      As I am reading this, and rereading this, I am literally tingling all over! We are on to something here! Not sure what yet, but it is a Definite Something! I cannot wait to see what Adventures are yet To come! I’m on board for those Grey Pearls! PS(those bell bottoms were a Zara thing). Don’t worry, I have a fascination with bell bottoms because of my Aunt Vera, the dressmaker to the Gabor Sisters! Baci, Contessa Bella!

    • 93zingara

      Zara bell bottoms were a zipper waist, just like the Anna Sui print pants. What size do you think?

  3. Valerie Lee

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog post ! I’m
    thrilled that your gypsy soul inspiration has been
    fuled by Le Bel Age, Chateau Bel Age and Jennafer
    Grace kimonos !
    You are a kind and generous spirit, and I am thankful
    everyday for your friendship !
    Congratulations on your blog… continue to inspire
    other women to find their gypsy soul !
    Your friend always,

    • 93zingara

      It’s a Amazing world we can create for ourselves and those around us. Cheers to the Magic of 2018!

  4. Jennafer Grace

    Absolutely loved this post-so honored to be featured and to call you a dear friend!

    Cheers to much more fun and goodness in shared years to come!!!

    • 93zingara

      Let’s Believe in the Magic that surrounds us and choose to bring it with us everywhere we go! Miss you and cannot wait to see you soon!

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