Summer ’17 Road Trippin’ (part 3)

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A Visit with La Contessa


San Francisco Bay Bridge


The power of the Human heart to connect is INTENSELY STRONG!  Have you ever felt ‘Drawn’ to something or someone new?  Did it come with the wonderment of just knowing that you’ve understood the connection before it really ever happened?


I firmly believe that time must be left open for life to “happen”.  We all find ourselves wanting to schedule and fill every moment of life with activities, appointments, and social engagements.  What are we so afraid of?  I know that by allowing LIFE to unfold before us, it grants the most serendipitous moments.  These are the times that we couldn’t possibly have come up with ourselves because the perfection that accompanies them is Otherworldly!  I leave time for this in my life and here is the proof of why…..


The day before we left San Francisco, I had posted a picture of the sign for Britex Fabrics on my Instagram account.  Immediately I got a response from my IG friend and she stated, “You are HERE!! Woman call me!” This came from someone I had met almost 18 months ago and for maybe 2 minutes in passing.  And yet, the seed had been planted…


As my husband and son were taking their early morning walk through the streets of San Francisco, I was excitedly packing and getting ready to meet my FRIEND at her house for lunch!  Can you believe it?  We were invited for lunch at La Casa Della Contessa!!!
And I couldn’t wait to give her a big hug!


We were greeted with grand smiles and hugs!  There was such warmth and grace in the energy surrounding my new friend.  I knew in an instant a connection had happened.  La Contessa, (aka @antiquegoddess on IG) ushered us into her voluminous kitchen, where we met her son and his dogs, Winston, the dog in residence and her grand-pig, Banksy!  Yes!  A real house pig!  Oh, how marvelous is that?


While Contessa and I began a conversation about life and the real connections being made through IG and Blogging, our husbands, The 2 Italians, were in the kitchen, doing what they do Best: TALKING and PREPARING with their HANDS! Do you see how the camera couldn’t even catch a still moment between the two of them?


We were spoiled!  An al fresco lunch comprised of Homemade Pesto Pasta, Summer Tomato and Mozzerella Caprese, Green Salad, Cheese, specialty Dried Salami, and Crusty Bread!  There was laughter and big appetites!


The 2 Italians


My son couldn’t resist wandering the property to see the gardens and have a visit with the “GIRLS”, aka the chickens!  For those of you who are now familiar with the photos of these gardens, here is a new face coming up the path!


How often does something come your way and perhaps you do not find the time to make it happen?  A new project, a trip, a walk or a hike, an invitation?  My Polish Babcia would always tell us, “Try everything that comes your way!  Don’t wait!  When you are old you won’t know how….if you don’t try NOW!”


There was a Perfect Espresso and dessert of fresh berries and sugar ribbons to complete the incredible visit.  What can I say?  “My cup runneth OVER”!  And I really hope that we can soon find a reason to visit all over again!


Today I have a new friend because I had the opportunity and took the time to venture out!  La Contessa writes a Wonderful Blog!  She can be found at


Our bellies were full.  Our hearts were overflowing with thanks and grace.  We headed out with cheerful goodbyes.  Lake Tahoe is next up!



La Zingara is an Italian Gypsy Woman, one whose Spirit yearns for a connectedness to the World around Her!  That’s me!!!



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