Summertime! Windows are Wide Open

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I am finding courage and momentum in leaps and bounds.
I am finding my voice alongside my courage.  I’m one of those proverbial “late bloomers”.
 I have been the wife who stands by her man, I have been the bus driver and football mom for my amazing son, and I have been the caretaker for so many family members throughout the years.
Now, I am looking at myself clearly in the mirror and I am bringing myself forward into the light.
There is a saying in Italian about birth;
“Dare alla Luce”, to give to the light.
And so, I am giving myself to the Light.
There has been such an intense stirring in my heart since early Spring.
I love that I have no fear.
Maybe a little nervousness, but that will keep me sharp and aware of the many choices I will need to make.
I have such exciting news to share:
I am writing a COOKBOOK!  
It is a tribute to the recipes and celebrations that have formed my favorite moments in life.  
 I hope you will share this journey with me!

For as long as I can remember, I have been the keeper of traditions and the seeker of a fresh take on those traditions.
  There is always a good reason to bring people together.  Whether celebrating holidays, birthdays, or just because we are together moments, it is through food and laughter that we can always bring the human heart into focus and allow it to shine brightly.
It is time for me to share these special moments of food and community.  I hope to be able to illustrate the fullness of my life through my recipes, stories and the people I love to share all of this with.
 This journey will take me through the next months and provide deeper insight to the workings of my kitchen and my heart in the kitchen.  


Dining Al Fresco at Our House



The summer months find me outside more and more.  The doors and windows are wide open, and except for the occasional humid day, I can be found out in my gardens or working under the umbrellas of my Al Fresco dining tables.
 I am content to have the open sky above me and the sounds of the waking world surrounding me.
 It is here that I am allowing myself the freedom to dream BIG!



There is a bird’s nest outside my bedroom window.
 There must be baby birds in that nest.
 I can’t see them, but I can sure hear them!
 I think one of those babies is so darn excited for LIFE that she starts singing in the middle of the night!
2:30 am to be precise!
While I am awakened by this every night now, I can’t say that I am unhappy about it!  It is with such passion and good energy that this little bird sings her JOY!
She sings for 20 minutes or so, and then off to sleep she returns.  And I wake up smiling and grinning a few hours later, shaking my head.
It is after all, the little things like this that really can make for a great start to the day.


A Walk Through Bird Rock


There is every reason to take full advantage of the long days of summer.  Whether by rising early in the morning to get the majority of work done before the heat sets in, or by taking an hour out of the day for a brisk walk by the ocean, it seems as though I can squeeze two days out of every one.  I love that there is still time at the end of each day to take in a long aperitivo at the beach to watch the sunsets.  Anyway I look at it, there are so many ways to fill my days with long lasting purpose and good vibes.
I always look for inspiration around me.  This past week has proven to be quite replete in this department.  I have lost a very dear friend and with this loss, so too has a piece of glamour and grace disappeared from life.
Yet, the legacy left behind is a reminder of some of the best advice I have ever received.
 “Make your passions your lifestyle.”
There is never a better time than right now to live passionately, mindfully and with purpose.  I am very excited and driven to share this story in my heart.  I will be hopeful along this journey and intent to convey my passions through the food and the love with which these celebrations happen.


No doubt about it, this is a huge step for me!


La Zingara is an Italian Gypsy Woman, one whose Spirit yearns for a connectedness to the World around Her!  That’s me!!!

















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