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I remember one Summer as a kid planting an entire acre of land with seedling pine trees.   I did this with my dad over the course of a month.  The conversations are what I remember most about this task.  Let’s face it, the task itself was daunting and incredibly slow going.  Dad was always one to lay down the most thought provoking questions.  The questions were not asked with the expectation of a quick answer.  They were more about ponderings.  The answers required stillness and thought before coming to light.  How do you answer the question “what are you looking for out there,” when you are only 10 years old?
Dad’s follow up question was asking you to look inward for all that you were searching for.
“Did you know that every single thing you are looking for or will ever look for is already within you.”
 I think my dad was way ahead of the curve on this one!


Look to your heart.
 Regardless of the circumstances, and indeed, inspite of the circumstances, life is truly meant to be savored.  How is it then, that we can get so caught up in the demands of a lifestyle around ourselves that we don’t hear the song in our own hearts?




As I welcome September and the Autumnal season, I am also welcoming the new centered energies that I have been cultivating for some time now.  I have put in place a short list of tasks and goals to focus upon and work towards.  Sometimes the littlest step in a new direction is enough to break down the walls that have contained me.


When I think about all the times I have walked this beach and swam in these wonderful waters over the course of the 30 years I have lived in San Diego, I am always humbled by how much the ocean has given me.  My inner peace is always present here.  My imagination is always fueled and my desires for a good and honest life are always sharply in focus.  There are times when I don’t get here as often as I like, but the strong roots remain.  I have a deep respect for the energy and power of this place.  I have become a part of it.
I know what I want.  It has been inside of me all along.
I have the Peace of Contentment.
Even in the most turbulent of times and circumstances, I am very sure of who I am and what my Soul wants.
My biggest moments of transition in life have been happening over the past few years.  At times, I am admittedly lost without the physical and emotional strength that my dad’s energy gave my life.  My patience is constantly being challenged to create the foundation of goodness and security that was always part of what he brought to my life and to the lives of those he loved.  I have been learning how to bring his traditions, and those of the generations before me, forward to accommodate our ever changing fast paced World.


So much of my passion for life, MY LOVE of family and friends in my life, and acknowledging and enjoying life’s beautiful moments, comes from the way I learned how to acutely experience it.  Embracing life in all its forms has opened my heart wide and allowed me to see unlimited potentialities, not only for my own capabilities, but with the hope that others can be inspired, as well.



‘Sii sempre come il mare che infrangendosi contro gli scogli trove sempre la forza di riprovarci.”
Always be like the sea that (crashes) against the rocks and always finds the strength to try again. ~Jim Morrison



I feel like a part of me has learned to stop chasing after the things I think I want.
Rather, I have conditioned myself to be patient and await the intrinsic flow of these things to me.
And their arrival is so much MORE than my original want.
“When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own patience, what I want flows to me, and without pain.  From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me.  There is a Great Secret here for anyone who can grasp it.” ~Rumi
As the seasons transition from Summer to Autumn, I ask myself how will I open my heart space further to adjust to the ever changing landscape of my life?
If what I am attracting to me is in search of me already, I am more than excited for what comes next.


La Zingara is an Italian Gypsy Woman, one whose Spirit yearns for a connectedness to the World around Her!  That’s Me!!!

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    TALK ABOUT DEEP!!!!!!!
    AT first I thought YOU arrived in San Diego when I left !!!THAN I did the MATH on PAPER……….WE need to subtract another 10 years to your 30!I loved La Jolla.I was only there for a year but I loved it!The year was 1977-78.Frozen yogurt had just ARRIVED and the BOY NEXT DOOR took me in his JEEP A REAL JEEP to get my FIRST ONE EVER!
    Now back to YOU!Who are you ATTRACTING and don’t squeeze ME OUT TO FIT MORE PEOPLE IN!!!!!!!!
    IS the cookbook coming along?Fall will be a good time to spread out and work on it!
    ARE you walking on the beach in the evenings…….?
    DO TELL!

    • 93zingara

      I arrived in San Diego for my 1st visit in the Summer of ‘87. My first experience in La Jolla was lunch at George’s at the Cove! I remember telling myself that someday I would live in La Jolla. É Voila! Here I am! The Law Street Beach in these photos is 5 minutes from my house and YES! I walk that beach regularly.
      The cookbook is in full swing and there are notes and binders and pages all over my dining room table. I have a loose timeline and I’m keeping on schedule, for the most part.
      And Contessa, there is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE on the planet that could take your place in my World.
      Baci, Diana

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