Time Well Spent with Mom

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Mom riding Shotgun in the FIAT500GQ
My mom is 85 years old.
 She is full of life and she Thrives!   She is fortunate to have her family around all the time.
Whether here in San Diego or in Upstate New York, she is surrounded by the bounty of Love she created.
Maybe at times she would appreciate a little alone time, but never for too long.
 We’ve been blessed to have her with us here in San Diego for the past few weeks.
Our time together always seems to fly by.  I can’t say that we have been super busy everyday, but I can say that she brings a very unique perspective to our World and there really is no one quite like her.
She fits in seamlessly with the days’ routines and is always happy to help out anyway she can.
As long as no one tells her how to Do It!
No one has ever been the Boss of this Lady!!!
Meet Constance Pallozzi!
Old Fashioned Cocktails in the making
My son loves to call my mom his “Bad Ass Grandma”!  I wish I had taken a photo of THAT moment!  She wasn’t quite sure that he was giving her a compliment.  Once she discovered the true meaning behind his words, well, she lit up from within and told everyone that was her new moniker.
Ask him why and he will tell you it’s because she is always joking around with him, sticking Up for him and when it comes time for the Cocktail Hour, she likes an occasional Whiskey Old Fashioned.


Whiskey Old Fashioned

3 ice cubes in a shaker

1 orange peel slice

1 lemon peel slice

3-4 drops Bitters

Muddle the above ingredients


2 oz. Whiskey

1/2 oz. Sweet Vermouth

Stir Vigorously

Strain into rocks glass with 2 pieces of ice

Add 2 Maraschino Cherries and the muddled citrus.  Sip Sip.

Cin Cin!

Rafi with Bad Ass Grandma
Grandma Connie with her 4 of her 5 grandkids. She is Rockin’ Her Jimmy Choo Sunnies. She’ll ask, “Jimmy Who?”.
Teresa and Constance September 1992
She is one of Twin.
Both she and her sister, Teresa, were Art teachers!  I think they have a language all their own. They have conversations between themselves and no one else can understand a thing they say.  Where one will start, the other will finish.  I had two mothers growing up.  Does any kid need that?

Mom grew up on a farm in Upstate New York.  It is always a good time when she visits with her older sister, Marie.  I think Aunt Marie is the one who has the real sassy sense of humor!
Mom with my cousin, Kathie.


As a kid growing up, we lived right next door to my mom’s twin sister and her family.  My cousin Kathie and I are really more like sisters!
Connie is not the kind of woman who will tell you “No”.
She will ask you a few questions and get you thinking about all the different scenarios and perspectives that LIFE has to offer.  Before you know it, somehow you are Wiser and able to expand yourself a little bigger than you were before.
Long time friend, Karen Seibold


There is something solid within her.  Comforting for sure, but MORE!  It is a Postiviness that comes from knowing that “Everything just has to be OK”!
 She doesn’t even allow herself the option of thinking otherwise.
When I think of the lives she has touched and the Love and Kindness she has shared, I am humbled to call her my Mom.  Everything she does, every word she shares, every moment of silence she pauses with to allow someone else to be who they need to be in her presence is a GIFT!!!
Mom making the Eggplant Parmigiana
Taste testing the Limoncello and the Citrus/Grapefruit Cello!
She can be found in the kitchen cooking, in the gardens sticking her incredibly green thumb in the dirt producing amazing vegetables and roses.  She can be found at the kitchen table deep in discussions with those who seek her counsel.  And she always has the time for a real kiss and hug that somehow have the ability to dispel doubts and insecurities.
 My brother, Christopher, and his lovely girlfriend, Eileen, threw my mom a surprise 85th Birthday Party this year.   It wasn’t until she asked some friends what they were doing hanging out at her favorite restaurant and they told her it was because of her, that she even realized a great big room full of people were all there to Celebrate Her!!!
 There it is.  The little light of insight.  To give and never even think to receive…
There are a lot of clichés that are tumbling throughout our World today.

Connie is the ORIGINAL!!!

The Real Deal!!!

 She is the reason why Women are in the workforce today.  She is the reason why Thelma and Louise were able to go on a road trip together.  She is the reason why women go on Maternity Leave and are able to go back to their jobs.  She is the reason why it is so important for each of us to really take responsibility for our own growth and to use the God given gifts that have been bestowed upon us.
Mom and Dad raised two kids, my brother, Chris and me.  She has 5 grandchildren, one of whom is my son, Rafi.
And she continues Live Life fully with GRACE AND KINDNESS.
So, when she comes to hangout with us here in San Diego, it’s never about entertaining her.  It’s about quality time with a woman who has seen and experienced life.  She has softened the sharp edges of LIFE and has allowed the fine patina of LOVE to reflect back into the World around Her.
The Pallozzi Homestead in Upstate New York
My mom is one of those rare Souls who create a little bit of Heaven on Earth everyday!


La Zingara is an Italian/Polish Gypsy Woman, one whose Spirit yearns for a connectedness to the World around Her!  That’s me!!!



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    • 93zingara

      Thank you Nancy! We all Love her very much! She’s a Fiesty one!

  1. Shawnee

    Ahhhhhh. So eloquently said Diana,,,,,, we should all aspire to be so kind. I even wrote that part down about about her love and kindness. Makes me miss my mama. 💕 So happy for you.

    Kindest regards,

    • 93zingara

      She really does have such a unique way of looking at people and the world. She allows herself to be open to everything. I think that is key! Thank you for your kind words, indeed!


    TWO MOM’s!!!!!!!!
    WOW..YOU are SO LUCKY!!!!!!!
    How WONDERFUL she is LIVING LIFE FULL SPEED A HEAD at 85.I know you will do the same!!!!!!
    RAFI will take GREAT CARE of his MAMA!
    I love the name CONSTANCE………
    Who is OLDER MOM or AUNTIE?

    • 93zingara

      My mom is the Baby, by about 45 minutes. Both being Art Teachers in the same school, they would dress the same for the first month or so. Their poor students just didn’t understand at first!!!

    • 93zingara

      Can you imagine the late 50’s, twin college grads taking a cross country road trip in a Red VW Karmann Ghia? I still don’t think we’ve heard the whole story!!!

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